About Us

Smart Roof Solutions, LLC is a trusted member of the commercial roofing and waterproofing industry in the Southeast region. We focus on high-performance materials and systems that protect, waterproof and enhance a building’s overall performance. We match our clients with the right products to fit their needs by partnering with only the best manufacturers and contractors.

Our Smart Roof Solutions team provides commercial roofing and waterproofing solutions to clients across a variety of industries in the Tennessee and Kentucky markets. We work with building owners, designers and contractors, as well as numerous clients in the educational, healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing industries. No matter the industry, we are here to help you find the best commercial roofing and waterproofing solution for your business.

Stress-Free Product Selection

You’re busy. Finding the right information and materials can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We create a stress-free experience for our clients by matching them with the right products to complete the job. Our team, alongside our network of manufacturers, are experts in commercial roofing and waterproofing, and will assist you with project budgeting, spec writing, product recommendations and project management. When you work with us, we become an extension of your team.

Sustainable Solutions

We represent several manufacturers that specialize in proven, long-term roofing and waterproofing solutions that align with responsible environmental practices. From cooling roofs, to waste minimization and long-term viable solutions, our team will guide you through many products and select the right one that will meet your needs and align with your company’s budget and sustainability goals.

Trusted Manufacturers

We work with only the best manufacturers and contractors in the commercial roofing and waterproofing industry. Our manufacturers have successful, proven track records in their fields and will continue to stand behind their high-quality work and professional services. The manufacturers that we represent provide manufacturer-backed warranties to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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